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cakesAbout us: Ivory Cakes' designs and sculpts unique cakes that push the boundaries of the celebration centrepiece. Everything we do is with you in mind - the cakes reflect the exact mood of your event and are designed to leave a lasting image with your guests. This site includes several examples of orders undertaken supplied to satisfied customers. Any design that's possible to imagine can be made to order.

We consider one of our main specialties to be creating cakes for weddings, where we've been told that our cakes has been a pivotal part of the celebrations. Ivory weddings are perfect - just the right balance of colour, structure and serenity. Novelty sculpted cakes are not just the usual cartoon characters, Ivory Cakes are truly 3Dimensional, using new media with almost every order placed to create your finished sculpture.

Each cake is baked using whatever base you wish, be it the best traditional fruit cake you have ever tasted, or magnificently indulgent and velvety chocolate. All our cakes can be made to accommodate specialist dietary requirements including wheat-free if you so require, with no restriction to your creation. Ivory base cakes include our own new recipes, keep an eye out for new additions.

SueAbout Sue: I lived with my family in East London until the age of 18. I was a high achiever at school and outside, and I found that I had a creative flair at a very early age which I sought to develop. I studied International Management & Modern Languages at the University of Bath and won the chance to spend a year living in Montréal. I found Montréal to be a fantastic city where both old and new designs work so well side by side and the pronounced different quartiers and mix of nationalities were unlike any other environment I had ever seen, providing endless design inspiration and creative confidence.

In relation to my sugarcraft and baking skills, my father spent some time working within a bakery and ran his own cake business so taught me all his skills, which lead to countless family celebration cakes being created! Despite still looking quite young (thankfully!), I have gained over 20 years experience. I've now progressed onto teaching myself new sugarcraft techniques, creating original recipes and presentation methods. I also inherited a flair for costume and dress design abilities from my mother. All of these skills drive me with a desire to create products with unique designs with a presence that is perfect for each occasion.

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