Each Ivory cake is baked using whatever base you wish, from our highly merited traditional fruit cake, to our summer favourite, srawberries and white chocolate.

All of our cakes can be made to accomodate specialist dietary requirements, including wheat and gluten free. These cakes taste as good as the real thing. As someone with a wheat allergy myself, I know how annoying it is that 'special' recipes are usually nothing like the real thing and are often not nice! The base cake type places no restriction on your cake creation. I love to push the boundaries of cake design so if you want the top tier of your wedding cake in fruit rather than the bottom tier, no problem! likewise, using 'softer' cakes to sculpt something is also completely possible. We have ways of making it structurally sound!

we never use frozen or mass-produced cake unlike some cake decorators who buy in their bland and oddly textured base cakes. Each of our cakes if baked individually, and is babysat through the baking process until it is just right. We only have your cake in progress at once. Because of this our cakes are never bland and have real flavour. we use real ingredients, such as real chocolate and real fruit flavours, giving a lasting taste and great subtle combinations.

Here is an example of base cakes you can choose from for Standard Order cakes:
- Traditional friut cake
- Pear & Spices: makes a good fruit cake alternative
- White cake
- Rich Chocolate
- chocolate Orange
- Strawberries & White Chocolate (seasonal only)
- Lemon cake
- Toffee Apple
Why not add a filling as standard to complement your cake, for example chocolate fudge, vanilla creme, passion fruit etc. We will add to this list as and when inspiration strikes.

For Bespoke Cakes, why not order something completely different, or to your own specification? Fancy a Mango and Passion fruit with a Champagne filling? Maybe there's a type of cake you remember from your childhood...the possibilities are endless! Just ask and we'll set to work perfecting it.

Our new cake sampler plate enables you to try a range of our high quality base cakes.